Triathlon Training for the Well-Hidden Athlete



And maybe a little silliness... Okay, a lot of silliness

A triathlon consists of three activities done sequentially.  Usually it starts with a swim to cool off, after which one hops on their bike and rides around a bit to warm up again and then jumps off and tries to run on spaghetti legs.  Sound fun? We thought so too!  Okay it is a bit of a challenge, but as you gain strength and confidence we think you’ll find it entertaining as well.  Especially if you have a friend or two joining you for the after party!


Jump in! The water’s fun! You can even stop and chat with the kayakers for a minute if you want/need to.


Jump on your Super Bike and feel the wind in your hair! Okay, the wind through your helmet – it’s the triathlon law. And don’t forget to admire the scenery.


Get off that couch, lace up those shoes! We’ll get you running in no time! Hurry! There’s a cold beer waiting for you! Really!

But seriously, what is this place?


When we started, it was just a challenge that we thought would help us regain some fitness, lose some pounds, and create a challenge.  The whole goal of training is to be able to complete the course and have a good time doing it.  Turns out, it worked out exactly like that!

So after our successes and failures, good training days and bad, we though that maybe, just maybe, we might have something to share with those who, like us, are a little older than the norm, (maybe more than a “little”).  Those who are looking for some challenge, some creativity, some program that has a “graduation” of sorts that they can feel so good about completing that they will want to do it again and again, and maybe set their sites on the next level up!  We want to encourage and cajole and push and pull you and never let you give up until you reach your goal!

There are the pros, the serious athletes, the podium wannabes,

and then there are the dedicated and totally not serious!

“When the rosebud is still forming a little green ball, do you berate it for not being in full bloom? Hell, no!”

-Jayne Williams, Author of Slow Fat Triathlete 

The Six Disciplines

There's more to it than just SWIM, BIKE, RUN...


Traditionally, the swim is the first event in a triathlon. It's also the one that seems to have the highest fear factor, particularly in open water venues...


Strength training is the one thing that affects your whole race! While it may not be necessary for shorter races, it definitely helps...


The bike usually comes right after the run. There are specific rules regarding bike equipment and etiquette. First and foremost helmets are required...


For most of us, nutrition will be a factor for any race longer than a sprint. Actually, you will have to consider it even for a super sprint, as you’re going to need some fuel in your body...


The run is, obviously, the most straight-forward, but you'll still need a plan to reach your goal. And shoes, of course. You'll want good ones since you will be spending a lot of time in them...


At some point we have to consider the logistics. We have to get ourselves and our stuff to the race venue. You'll need a way to transport your bike and carry all of your stuff to the transition area and set it up in a manner that is logical to you...

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